Our vision

Union Coffee Co. is defining East Coast specialty coffee by setting ambitious goals, uniting the right people, and continuing to perfect the coffeehouse craft.


Our Mission

We believe that excellence in coffee can inspire healthier individuals, stronger families, closer communities, and a better society.

Our Values

For Our Business

  • We take calculated risks. 

  • We are disarmingly honest. 

  • We continually refine our processes while looking for new opportunities for growth.

  • We make mistakes. Once. 

For Our People

  • Expect a rich life and a rich career.  

  • Fresh ideas are always welcomed. 

  • An entrepreneurial mind and work ethic will be rewarded generously.

  • Vertical and horizontal communication should
    be clear and timely. 

  • Expect throrough training


For Our Community

  • Deserve our respect and attention

  • Depends on us to unify rather than divide

  • Expects us to listen to needs and be at the forefront of opportunities

  • Can depend on us to maintain a strong reputation. 


For Our Product

  • Excellence in Ingredients

  • Excellence in Preparation

  • Excellence in Presentation

  • Any unmet expectations are satisfactorily addressed

  • Is always improving economic and environmental sustainability




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