David Cianci


David is Union’s detail guy. Before joining Union in 2017, David spent 2 years in the Peace Corps working with South American farmers to develop sustainable agricultural techniques. Following his service in the Peace Corps, David spent time traveling the Americas and caring for vineyards. At the Union Coffee Co. Roastery, David is in charge of dialing in and perfecting the process of roasting each variety of beans we import.

David has valuable insight on the real-world implications that North American coffee trends and preferences such as fair trade and organic certifications can have on the lives of farmers and harvesters. His expertise has helped us craft our big-picture convictions of where our business can make the most contributions on a global level while delivering a premium product to our customers.

When he’s not roasting coffee, David can be found feverishly cleaning the bottom of some appliance, setting a personal record in the gym, or spending quality time with his fiancé.