February 2017 Music Schedule

February, 2017 Open Mics and Concerts at Union Coffee Co., Milford, NH

Friday Open Mics: Free

Concerts: $5 Cover

Eric Gagne and Emerson Stevens    
Thu, Feb 2, 8PM

Open Mic
Fri, Feb 3, 7PM

Tara Greenblatt with Dylan Wetherebee    
Sat, Feb 4, 8PM

Brad Bosse and Justin Cohn
Sun, Feb 5, 1PM

NHSSS presents Derek Russell Fimbel    
Thu, Feb 9, 8PM

Dylan Szabad
Thu, Feb 9, 9PM

Open Mic
Fri, Feb 10, 7PM

Tristan Omand and Ian Fitzgerald
Sat, Feb 11, 8PM

NHSSS presents Marina Evans
Sun, Feb 12, 1PM

Kids Cafe with Amy  Conley
Wed, Feb 15, 10AM

Granite to Glass
Wed, Feb 15, 8PM

Frank History with Dave Palance
Thu, Feb 16, 7PM

Open Mic
Fri, Feb 17, 7PM

BaZa Blues and Ryan Lee Crosby
Sat, Feb 18, 8PM

Phil & Will
Sun, Feb 19, 1PM

Deja December
Thu, Feb 23, 8PM

Open Mic
Fri, Feb 24, 7PM

Divorce Lawyer and Badfellows
Sat, Feb 25, 8PM

Tales Told Storytelling
Sun, Feb 26, 7PM

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