We’ve got big aspirations in coffee and are looking to form wholesale partnerships with the likeminded brands. If you're looking to serve or sell quality coffee at your coffee shop, restaurant, office, or store a Union wholesale account may be the best option for you.

Perks of starting a wholesale account with Union

Wholesale Coffee Pricing

Manufacturer Discounts on Equipment

Regular Coffee Delivery Service

Coffee Consultation Services

Employee Training

Available Custom Packaging



Serve Union Coffee

The times they are a-changing. Union Coffee has the solution for New Hampshire coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses looking to step up their coffee game. We can provide everything from a superior product, custom packaging, employee training, to manufacturer discounts on equipment.



Sell Union Coffee

Stock your shelves with quality, New Hampshire product. We are looking to offer our core coffees at the right locations to further our exposure to innovative brands on the East Coast. If you think selling Union Coffee at your store may be the right fit for you, we’d love to talk.



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