Sam Delay


Sam’s entire career has been steeped in the New England coffee industry. Prior to his time at Union, Sam handled account management and oversaw the construction and opening of two other coffee companies before joining as a partner in 2016.

Sam is Union’s resident coffee pro, and has proven his capabilities while handling operations at Union Coffee Co. His refined palette is the secret behind Union’s tasty roasts. In 2018, Sam proved what everybody already new by achieving his certification as a Q Arabica Grader. Sam’s expertise and tenacity have been major contributors in giving a young Union experience far ahead of its time.

When family is able to watch their daughters, Sam and his wife Alyssa unite to form Union's coffee dream team. If he's not dialing in the espresso machine or fixing a leaky steam wand, he can be found in the wood shop fabricating minimalist furniture.  

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